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People also ask?

What makes a Nilgai Antelope Bull a Trophy?

To start with, any Nilgai Bull that you hit and recover is a significant accomplishment.

Here at LLHUNT, we use the SCI scoring system to rank the bulls. SCI Score Bronze Silver Gold Link

The horns can be measuring 8.5" – 9.5 " in length with base measures from 6.5" to 8".

Link to a simple horn sci score sheet

How do you pronounce Nilgai?

Here's a link: Nilgai pronounced   

Where are Nilgai found in Texas?

Nilgai now readily reproduces and has established free-ranging populations mainly in  Kennedy and Willacy countries but can also be found in Game Ranch thought out Texas. Nilgai is a large antelope with males weighing 500 - 600 pounds. They are native to Pakistan and India and were imported to South Texas in the 1930s on the King Ranch.

Where do you hunt Nilgai in Texas?

Here at LLHUNT, we offer the best free-range hunting in the state of Texas. You will have multiple opportunities to harvest your Trophy BuIl or a Nilgai cow for the freezer. We have professional Nilgai guides.

What are the best months to hunt, and when is the rut? 

Rutting activity will start in December, most activated in January, lasting through March. However, breeding can occur throughout the year. The cow's gestation period is 240-258 days, and Nilgai commonly bears twin and triplets are not uncommon. With good range conditions, females can conceive at 18 months of age, but few mate before three years.

Is Nilgai good to eat?


The simple answer is YES, THEY ARE GREAT. These animals forage on native grass, broadleaf plants, and trees here in South Texas., giving the meat a mild venison-like flavor. Nilgai Antelope is lean meat as high as 97% and low in cholesterol and calories, packed with healthy nutrition.

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