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Lendell Laxton

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I am Lendell Laxton, owner and operator of LLHUNT Adventures LLC, DBA L&L Hunting Service. I'm a member of the Potawatomi Tribe in Oklahoma. I currently live in Victoria, TX.

My relationship with my clients is the reason I enjoy the sport of hunting. The satisfaction of seeing and feeling the emotions of a successful hunt is hard to put into words.

I have been involved in hunting, in one way or another, my entire life. We work hard to get you in a position to make a clean, ethical kill shot.  

I do not tolerate unsafe gun behavior. If you have a drink, you don't shoot. This is for your safety, as well as others. After the hunt and guns are put away, having a drink at the lodge is fine.


The Place

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15,000-acre Yturria Ranch located In the Rio Grande Valley on the gulf coastal plains of South Texas offers some of the most exciting Whitetail and Nilgai hunting in all of Texas. .

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The wildife

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What we are most famous for our the Nilgai Antelope hunts we offer in South Texas.

We also have some of the best whitetail deer hunting in  the Country.


Free Roaming Trophy Nilgai Hunting Info:

The ranch is 15,000 acres of the best free roaming nilgai hunting in Texas. It is located south of the King ranch, in both Kennedy & Willacy County’s. Over 85% of the Nilgai taken are SCI Record Book. 

Our Professional Crew

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Jim Shockey - Uncharted

"A great outfitter, offers great hunts, for great animals, with great service and pays great attention to detail. Lendell is a great outfitter in every regard. His Nilgai area is filled with trophy class Nilgai, his knowledge of those Nilgai is impressive, his equipment is top notch and ultimately, if Lendell says something, it is the truth. I will definitely be back for another hunt with Lendell and his son Bryan"

Nick Mundt - Bone Collector

I had a great hunt with Lendell Laxton at L & L Hunting Service down in South Texas.


Not only is Lendell a great guy, his knowledge of his hunt area and his persistence are second to none. I would gladly hunt anything with Lendell and recommend him anytime!!!"

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